Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Looking for Last Minute Inspiration Pallet Ideas for PalletPalooza?

Are you looking for last minute pallet ideas to enter PalletPalooza™?
Try this for finding inspiration - Google "Pallets" and a favorite pastime or interest.

*Links to all of the pictures can be found on our Pinterest page

Crocheting is one of my favorite winter pastimes - so I googled "Pallet Crochet" I found these crochet covered pallet stools:

Chandeliers are very popular right now - so of course I searched "Pallet Chandelier" and found these amazing creations (Find links here:

A fellow Goodwill Team Member said her daughter loves Pineapples so here we go - search results for Pallets & Pineapples! (Find links here:

Let's get a little crazy.... how about Pallets & Goats? (Find links here:

One last search - Pallet & Music! (Find links here:

Again, you can find all of the links to these images on our Pinterest Page
Have fun with your own searches on Pinterest or Google Images, or your favorite browser. And when you find your amazing idea, take photos and enter PalletPalooza™.

PalletPalooza™ is a competition and event that celebrates recycled pallets.

Enter at today!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ready to share your Pallet Creation? PalletPalooza Entry Period is Now!

The tagline for PalletPalooza™ is Create. Build. Inspire. And that is what PalletPalooza is all about!

It's all about creating something new out of an old recycled pallet.

Building with something that could have been thrown away.
Inspiring others to repurpose, reuse and recycle.


Sell at PalletPalooza Day! You can be a vendor on PalletPalooza Day
Learn more here: PalletSWMI Vendors
PalletPalooza Benefits Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan.

Our Mission:
Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan Provides employment, education, training, and support services to individuals and families so they can achieve self-sufficiency.
Learn more at:

Monday, June 19, 2017

PalletPalooza at the Cheetah Chase

Team PalletPalooza™ is going to be at Binder Park Zoo this Saturday at the Cheetah Chase.

The Cheetah Chase is one of the most unique 5K events in Michigan and a favorite as Binder Park Zoo! Runners of all ages and abilities complete a 5K covering two continents—sprinting all the way to “Africa” and back. Kangaroos, wolves, and giraffe will be on-hand to watch participants race through the Zoo, whether in the 5K Gazelle Gallop of the 5K Sloth Walk. For more information visit

We are excited to be there and cheer on the runners and also share with everyone about PalletPalooza™. 

At our booth space you will be able to meet the PalletPalooza™ team and learn more about entering this cash prize!!!!!

We will have a fun Make It & Take It pallet craft project. For a $5 donation to Goodwill Industries of SWMI, kids and families can give a pallet project a try to make and keep. 
Enter PalletPalooza Today! PalletPalooza is a recycled pallet creation competition that benefits Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan. Enter at