Friday, November 10, 2017

A little hint

October, 2018. That is all we have to share at this time. But that shouldn't stop you from getting out your pallet buster.
PalletPalooza™ 2018

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

PalletPalooza 2018!

Yes - PalletPalooza 2018 is coming! We are getting together our PalletPalooza 2018 planning committee and will be announcing dates and more very soon!
In the meantime....
Find Free Pallets for your next pallet creation at our Alcott Street Location all year.

Where: 420 E Alcott Street, Kalamazoo MI 49001. Go to the donation drop off area to find your pallets during regular donation business hours.
Click here for more information - Goodwill SWMI Store & Donation Center Location and Hours
Follow us on social for fresh ideas, updates about this event, opportunities to new skills and more.
Be social with us - share with us some of your projects, new techniques and tools to help fellow makers, and even pallet creations that you are selling.

Suggestions? Have you participated in PalletPalooza? Did you attend PalletPalooza Day? We are listening! Share with us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for improvement. 😊
We are very pleased with the support we received from the community here in Southwestern Michigan for PalletPalooza™. This special event has given Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan an opportunity to engage the community in a fun and innovative way. 💙

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PalletPalooza Day Winning Entries

PalletPalooza™ 2017 is over and the results are in.... And we are truly inspired by the creations that were entered into the 2nd Annual PalletPalooza™ competition.
And the winning entries -
Grand Prize – Sunrise, Steve Howland

This is a vase made from the pallet cut into small pieces and then glued together into rings. The rings are then stacked and glued and lastly it is turned on a lathe. It is finished with wood dye and lacquer.
Steve Howland: "I love to idea of turning something from raw or previously used materials into something beautiful. I entered Art Prize last year and part of my vase was made from my kids' old defunct dresser. I would love for the public to see what can be done with what some would consider garbage. I am married and have 4 children. I was an elementary school teacher and then became a homeschool teacher to my children. Having grown and moved away, I began turning on a lathe. I have been turning seriously for about three years. Early this spring I was asked to exhibit two of my pieces at the London Art Biennale, where I was awarded third place on the sculpture category."

1st Place – Vagabar, George Keister
Built in May 2017, The Vagabar is a mobile bar equipped with a kegerator system with two faucets from which to dispense beverages from. An estimated 40 separate pallets were utilized to attain just the right boards to create just the right character.
The bar top and barkeeper’s work surface are finished with spar urethane to protect and enhance the natural beauty and patina of the re-purposed wood. LED lights installed underneath the inner lip of the bar top illuminate the work area. Set the mood by adjusting the dimmer switch for just the right ambiance. Plug a blender into the weatherproof AC outlet to whip up some frozen cocktails – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! No need to search for a bottle opener, The Vagabar has two – one bear head between the faucets and one vintage Pepsi-Cola opener mounted next to the galvanized towel bar.
Under-the-counter space is designed to accommodate the beverage dispensing system components, a 48 quart ice chest/jockey box and two standard 1/4 barrels (or two additional ice chests) with room to spare. Two heavy duty slide out shelves are built in to make it easy to stow the kegs or coolers without having to wrestle them in underneath. Simply slide the 220 pound rated shelves out, place the kegs on the shelves then slide them in concealing them underneath. A tap light is mounted under the counter top to illuminate the storage area.
Most of the outer skin of The Vagabar was lightly sanded but left unfinished to minimally disturb the weathering, wear and “whiskers” acquired throughout the travels of the pallets. If that isn’t character enough, throw in some not so fancy bling with the corrugated metal accents and galvanized pipe foot rail to add to the rustic appeal.
The Vagabar is no lightweight but moves about free and easy due to the heavy duty 5 inch casters that it sits atop. Measuring over 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep it will easily accommodate 8-10 persons at a time.
2nd Place - Pallet Table, Amy Wagner
Reclaimed pallet wood in a chevron pattern over plywood. Pipes and pipe fittings for legs.
Amy Wagner: "I'm an avid DIY'er with home projects, from painting, installing flooring, drywall, etc. I've also been refinishing furniture for about 10 years, which I picked up as a hobby. So far I've only refinished furniture for myself and family close friends. I recently came across some pallets and wondered what I could make out of them... I happened to be in need of a new dining table at the same time, so made myself a table!"


1st Place - Swabby Cabin, John Swabash
Shed made from over 100 pallets complete with windows and a wrap around porch. There is a lean to on the south side as well.
John Swabash: I love to work with my hands and show creativity in the yard."
2nd Place - Papa’s Workshop, Mark Louis

Structure is a 16ft. X 24ft. two-story workshop, 24ft. height. Exterior siding, windows, and doors using over 550 pallet boards.
Mark Louis: "I love to garden, play guitar, and build. I also love creating functional furniture and structures by re-purposing materials."

1st Place – Kindness, Toni Gore
There is too much negativity in the world, I want to throw kindness around like confetti.
Toni Gore: "I've been making pallet creations for 4 years and love every minute of it. This adventure started out from a friend asking me to make a wedding gift. Needless to say that gift turned into many more and the word spread like wildfire. I'm very thankful for the new friends I meet and all the custom creations I get to make."
2nd Place - Micah 6:8, Sharon Stutzman Hartzler
Measuring a whopping 40 x 48, this pallet sign was designed for the sanctuary of First Mennonite Church, Wadsworth, Ohio. Micah 6:8 is a favorite scripture of our congregation. The background is a vivid royal blue, with words painted in bright white and soft yellow. This splash of color brightens the 1960s tan brick of the church interior, while focusing our thoughts on our words and deeds.
Sharon Stutzman Hartzler: "I'm a happily married farmer's wife and mom of four who works as a replenishment buyer by day and an artist by night. I've sold several pieces locally and have donated many projects for fundraisers. I usually focus on scriptures, hymns and longer phrases, but have started branching out into animal silhouettes. I can get all the pallets I want from my employer, but I also scavenge at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for new (to me) canvas materials, such as doors, windows, and cupboards. I call myself ThePaintingFarmwife on Instagram, and hope to soon set up other online accounts under that name."
Art & Décor

1st Place - Copper Rays, Chrisanna Customs
24" x 24" Layered Wall hanging -Back Layer features a distressed white washed blue sky -Middle Layer is multiple planks of pallet wood put together than cut to make the rays of the sun aged with yellow paint. -Top layer is a ring of pallet wood with the blades of grass carved out -Finally the whole piece is encircled with copper metal, when the light hits it just right it extends copper rays onto the wall it is displayed on.
Susanna Bunt-Harlan of Chrisanna Customs: "I have been working with pallets for the past 2 years and found that I have a knack for it. It gives me an outlet for my creativity and keeps me sane! There is nothing like taking wood that has been discarded and left for trash and reforming it into something beautiful."
2nd Place – Sunrise, Steve Howland
Thank you to all of our Makers who participated in PalletPalooza™. Your talent and efforts have been inspirational. Many people have never considered creating projects with used pallets and what fun it has been to showcase your creations! Plus, PalletPalooza™ is a fundraiser for Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan and we are grateful for your participation and support. PalletPalooza™ has succeeded in helping us tell our story to more people in Southwestern Michigan community. Visit us at to learn more about Goodwill.

Thank you also to our Sponsors for the support, sharing our event, and helping us reach out to so many people!
PalletPalooza Sponsors Links

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Monday, August 7, 2017

PalletPalooza Day is this Saturday!

What a great second year we are having with PalletPalooza™! We are very grateful for the support we have received from the community. There are so many people and organizations that have helped us with this event - Sponsors, Venues, Vendors, Volunteers, Goodwill Team Members and our amazing Creators! It has been awesome!
We have a whole lot of fun planned for PalletPalooza™ Day!
There is still time to vote for your favorite pallet creation! Our judges have selected the top five in each category and it's is now time for the public to pick the first and second place winners in each category. Got to to vote today! 

See each pallet creation in person! 

You can find an interactive map on our website too. 
See you at PalletPalooza Day!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Come and see the PalletPalooza™ Recycled Pallet Creations on Display in Kalamazoo

The PalletPalooza display period is in full swing! Recycled pallets were transformed into amazing projects from wall art to furniture. PalletPalooza™ is a celebration of the recycled pallet trend as a competition and awards event.

There will be a total of $2000 in cash prizes given to the winners of PalletPalooza™. Winners will be decided by popular vote and also the overall winner selected by our panel of PalletPalooza judges. The public can vote August 3rd – 9th for their favorites in each category. The categories are:  FURNITURE • SIGNS • ART & DECOR • FUNCTIONAL
PalletPalooza 2017 Host Venues
There will be a total of $2000 in cash prizes given to the winners of PalletPalooza™. Winners will be decided by popular vote and also the overall winner selected by our panel of PalletPalooza judges. The public can vote August 3rd – 9th for their favorites in each category. The categories are:  FURNITURE • SIGNS • ART & DECOR • FUNCTIONAL
You can also click here to view our Interactive Venue Map:
"Let's Ride" WMU Football Pallet Art

"Let's Ride" WMU Football Pallet Art caption
This PalletPalooza Recycled Pallet Art was created by a Goodwill Team Member.

It has been personally signed by Coach Lester and WMU 2017 Football Team Members.

This piece is currently on display at Nulty Insurance. There will be a silent auction for this piece to benefit Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan on PalletPalooza Day, August 12th. 2-6 pm held at the WMU Recreation Center.
For more information call 269.382.0490 ext. 275

Friday, July 21, 2017

#NationalJunkFoodDay & Wood Pallets

Here is our pallet ode to #NationalJunkFoodDay ....



Maybe tomorrow back to healthy eating with some pallet garden ideas...
Happy #NationalJunkFoodDay! 
Join us for PalletPalooza Day, Saturday August 12 from 2 pm - 6 pm at the Western Michigan University Recreation Center. Lot's of fun and amazing pallet creation on display and the awarding of prizes! Go to PalletPalooza Facebook Event Page and tell us you are coming! 🙋
PalletPalooza Day

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Combining Recycled Wood Pallets & A Lathe

Amazing - is there anything you can't do with recycled pallets?
Enjoy this inspiring lathe project using a free source of wood:

Pallet Wood Turning

Friday, July 14, 2017

PalletPalooza Day is August 12, 2017

Mark your calendars! PalletPalooza Day is August 12th, 29017 from 2 pm - 6 pm. Look at all of the fun we will have!
Visit our Event Facebook page and invite your family!

Family Fun and its Free! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

PalletPalooza Entry Period Extended!

Enter PalletPalooza at
WOW!  PalletPalooza Entry Period Extended!

PalletPalooza™ is extending the entry period to Midnight, JULY 5th!

Did you need just a little more time?

This extension is for you!

Did you mean to call your friend who has a pallet project already made and tell them about PalletPalooza?

This extension is for you!

Looking for a fun and impactful way to support your community? 
This extension is for you!

It's fun, there's $2000 in CASH prizes AND it's all for a great cause. 
Enter at

Monday, June 26, 2017

Need tools and space to create your PalletPalooza™ creation? Help is here!

Have a Pallet Creation idea for PalletPalooza but need space and tools to create it? Kzoo Makers has a great offer! Kzoo Makers has a FABULOUS Woodworking space here in Kalamazoo with AMAZING professional woodworking equipment.

Get a $20.00 Day Pass to use this space AND equipment this Thursday, June 29 from 12pm – 8 pm.
1-2 Mentors will be available to monitor.
We went live on Facebook and visited space - check it out! WATCH IT HERE
Click to go to Facebook Video
Anyone interested should contact Dan Wilkins directly at, or by phone (269) 270-3141. Thank you @KzooMakers!
PalletPalooza™ entry period ends June 30th! 
Enter today at

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Looking for Last Minute Inspiration Pallet Ideas for PalletPalooza?

Are you looking for last minute pallet ideas to enter PalletPalooza™?
Try this for finding inspiration - Google "Pallets" and a favorite pastime or interest.

*Links to all of the pictures can be found on our Pinterest page

Crocheting is one of my favorite winter pastimes - so I googled "Pallet Crochet" I found these crochet covered pallet stools:

Chandeliers are very popular right now - so of course I searched "Pallet Chandelier" and found these amazing creations (Find links here:

A fellow Goodwill Team Member said her daughter loves Pineapples so here we go - search results for Pallets & Pineapples! (Find links here:

Let's get a little crazy.... how about Pallets & Goats? (Find links here:

One last search - Pallet & Music! (Find links here:

Again, you can find all of the links to these images on our Pinterest Page
Have fun with your own searches on Pinterest or Google Images, or your favorite browser. And when you find your amazing idea, take photos and enter PalletPalooza™.

PalletPalooza™ is a competition and event that celebrates recycled pallets.

Enter at today!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ready to share your Pallet Creation? PalletPalooza Entry Period is Now!

The tagline for PalletPalooza™ is Create. Build. Inspire. And that is what PalletPalooza is all about!

It's all about creating something new out of an old recycled pallet.

Building with something that could have been thrown away.
Inspiring others to repurpose, reuse and recycle.


Sell at PalletPalooza Day! You can be a vendor on PalletPalooza Day
Learn more here: PalletSWMI Vendors
PalletPalooza Benefits Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan.

Our Mission:
Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan Provides employment, education, training, and support services to individuals and families so they can achieve self-sufficiency.
Learn more at: