Monday, April 25, 2016

Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

New to making things out of pallets? Get your feet wet with this easy coffee cup holder.

This is a great "functional" project. Find more pallet ideas for this category on our Pinterest Board: functional-pallet-projects

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pallet Kid's Corner

We are having fun making things out of pallets here at Goodwill. We did a little kid's corner. It is set up in one of the cubicle areas at our headquarters on Alcott Street in Kalamazoo.

The table was the most challenging project. It seems fairly straightforward, but pallets are not always square, so I had to do some adjusting, which means, taking apart and rebuilding some of the pallet. Next time I would search longer for two pallets that were more "perfect".  I used two pallets that were similar is size and the boards were similarly spaced apart. I used 1/4" plywood for the top and the seat.

The shelves were a simple one cut. You can get two shelves out of one pallet. Pallet books shelves are a little heavy so we used plant hangers to hang them from the sides of the cubicle since this is not a permanent display.
Here is a awesome tutorial from to make pallet shelves.
(A big thank you to sixsisterstuff for sharing your photo and project with Goodwill!)
This artwork holder is just a sanded and painted pallet board. I simply hot glued painted clothes pins to the board. Nothing fancy here!
The word "love" was handwritten with blue paint, then painted over that with glue and blue glitter on top. It helps to have a paint color first and not just glue and glitter to really make it stand out.  
The crayon holder was not made out of a pallet - but out of a landscape timber! 
We just cut a piece to size and drilled out the holes.

I stained it to match the sides of the table. So cute! 
The ideas are endless of what you can make out of pallets. Join PalletPalooza!
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Pallet Wine Rack

We're not just hosting PalletPalooza and talking about pallet projects here at Goodwill - we are creating some pieces too!

This wine rack was our first project.

Sorry for the poor quality picture, my phone camera is a little behind the times. The rack was hanging in my cubicle and I forgot to take a good picture with our camera before we gave it away as a prize at the Wine Not Event this past February. 

This was our inspiration piece.
Audra from kindly gave us permission to spotlight her photo and project for PalletPalooza. She has an excellent tutorial to make this pallet project.

I highly recommend this if you have never made a pallet project. Your finished piece will have a lot of wow factor! Your friends and family will be very impressed. Not a wine drinker? Your sparkling grape juice and designer waters will look great in this rack too.
Do you have an idea for a pallet wine rack? We would love to see you enter it into PalletPalooza.   Go to and enter today!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pallet Projects Everywhere

I had a chance to take a once in a life time trip to the beautiful island country of Anguilla. The ocean was beautiful, the breeze was glorious, and we enjoyed sunny 85 degree weather. Not a bad place to be while it was snowing here in Southwestern Michigan. (It was still snowing when I got back! Love Michigan though, snow in April and all).

The place where we were staying was decorated with bright happy colors - here is a picture of the common area.

When I entered the room, I immediately saw it....recycled pallet wood! The worn wood pieces were beautifully framing the coral, driftwood and shells..
I was told that the back of these shelves used to be mirrors.  I think the pallet wood, with all of it's rustic charm, was a good choice for a new background.

Recycled Pallets - they are so versatile. Looking very much at home in this beach chic villa.  
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Snowing in April? Think Spring with these amazing kid's pallet play places.

Okay, it is snowing in April! And more is on the way.... But it is Michigan and we should be used to this by now :) Plus I was informed by a local fruit farmer that this colder weather can be good, because we don't want the fruit trees to blossom to early and then be nipped by a frost if we want delicious local cherries, peaches, plums and apples.

We have a round up of bright and cheery kid's play places made of pallets to work on this weekend and be ready for the warm days that will come eventually!
Bright, colorful. Love it! Just remember to sand, sand, sand your pallets for the kiddos!
Simple, sweet and cozy.
The sweetest tutorial with lots of pics will help you replicate this charming pallet playhouse at
This pallet table with secret spot for a hammock is a yes.
This space is so yummy!
This is off the charts... and looks like even the dog loves it.
Arrr - a pallet pirate fort.
You will find step by step instructions for this bright pink and yellow play house at
Inspired? Make your project and enter it into PalletPalooza! Visit for all of the details and your pallet project could win a cash prize!